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Despite the fact that these behemoths of men (and women) are paid professionals, we sometimes forget that they fall in love and get married just like any other actor or sports star in the world.

The only thing is that these are humans who are in the peak of human physical fitness. Considered to be the typical, classic WWE wrestler wife, Sable met her husband Brock Lesnar in the ring, and stuck around until he gave her one.

But they are still going strong, just like Brock’s biceps.

The two still look like they love each other as much as they love working out.

It’s no wonder that so many of them eventually started dating, and even got married to each other.

While not every “WAG” — Wives And Girlfriends — on this list works in the wrestling business, many of them definitely got their claims to fame by working in the industry.

The two got married in 2006, this despite the fact that Sable is a full decade younger than her husband.

Believe it or not, Sable is pushing 50 and Brock 60.

Gossip is a part of the wrestlingworld, so it’s time to play the role of Hollywoodtabloids.

Who are the top wrestling couplesinvolving current stars in the business?

We’ll besticking with current couples, and current wrestlers(or recently retired).10) The Miz and Maryse Mike “The Miz” Mizanin and Maryse Ouelletofficially tied the knot in February of this year with awedding in the Bahamas.

This weekend, once again in Brooklyn, they hope to repeat that success.

The card certainly has the potential to do so, as a number of matches could be instant classics, and there is going to be at least one new champion thanks to the introduction of the WWE Universal Championship.

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Wrestling is full of drama, pain, suffering, fighting, but also a whole lot of love.

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