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I believe, Dating On Earth must came in 2005 or 2006 or later but surely before 2009. Because, it is wonderful to movie production that we get to see all 5 members of DBSK together, after the kpop Idol DBSK broke up in 2009.Even though it is early production, Park Yoochun shows promise of acting style which is clearly more evident in Roof Top Prince, Missing You and other dramas that has starred in.JYJ promoted the new album via a worldwide showcase tour throughout October and November with dates in South Korea, Southeast Asia and the United States. Yoon Chul é era um garoto problematico, que vivia se metendos em brigas,em questão disso,nao conseguiu sair do colégio. Um dia, ela é transferiada para o colégio de Yoon Chul, se tornando professora de lá.Wir wollen sichere Daten, daher geben wir keine persönlichen Informationen an Dritte weiter, wir verzichten auf Google Analytics und Beiträge über Socialmedia werden entsprechend als Jugendserver Niedersachsen News gekennzeichnet.Der Jugendserver Niedersachsen bietet Qualifikation und Know-how für medienkompetentes Handeln in der digitalen Gesellschaft!Alle Inhalte sind beschreibbar, eine einmalige Benutzer-innenanmeldung ist erforderlich.

In November 28, 2012, the legal battle between JYJ and S. JYJ proceeded to release The Beginning, a global album which was sung in English.Sem contar que tem negócio de colegial, e se algum filme ou drama tiver estudantes metidos na história... Triângulo amoroso, e aquele ciuminho, é o que esse filme tem, como Kim Jaejoong acaba muito próximo da professora e consequentemente se apaixonando por ela,como Yoon Chul fica? Kim Jaejoong,garoto mistérioso que possui um segredo no passado.Ele é novo no colégio, onde a professora tenta se aproximar dele(Sem resultados).Dating on Earth: Image Source This is an early Banjun Theater production featuring all 5 DBSK members when they were all part of SM entertainment.I am not sure which years this movie production came in as finding much information about it is not easy, nor finding a copy of this movie is easy.

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