Teamsters leader accused of intimidating voters

"They all seemed heated up." Lakshmi said she does not have any role in hiring for the production company.

Gail Simmons, a judge on "Top Chef," also testified Monday, saying she was "incredibly afraid" as she arrived at the restaurant and saw the men block the vehicle's path.

“But that does not mean the Teamsters are free of corruption or are a thriving union,” noted Gerard Di Trolio, an editor at In February, the three-member Independent Review Board (IRB) charged Rome Aloise, the most powerful Teamster official on the West Coast, with racketeering, taking gifts from employers, and negotiating a sham collective-bargaining agreement.

One of the charges against Aloise includes accepting tickets (worth ,600, to the Playboy Super Bowl party) from an employer who was negotiating with a Teamster local.

She said one man leaned his arm on her door and said: " 'Oh, lookie here, what a pretty face' or 'What a shame about that pretty face.' " "I felt he was bullying me," Lakshmi said.

"I felt he was saying, 'I might hit you.' " Lakshmi's testimony came during the federal trial of four members of Teamsters Local 25.

Mark Harrington told a judge he was merely trying to get jobs for union members.

During recent testimony before Independent Review Board investigators, O’Brien said that he had used a “poor choice of words” at the Rhode Island rally and that he meant only to convey that opponents would be “punished at the ballot box,” according to the board’s report.

Workers Protest NY Presbyterian Hospital’s Ties To Disreputable Furniture Delivery Company ...Top NYC Office Furniture Company Waldner's Locks Out Teamster Workers ...On July 5, Waldner’s Business Environments locked out its union workers.Padma Lakshmi, the host of the "Top Chef" reality TV show, testified Monday that she was "petrified" when a Teamster confronted her while union members were picketing outside a Boston-area restaurant where the series filmed in 2014.Lakshmi, who is also an author and model, said she was a passenger in a vehicle outside the Steel & Rye restaurant in Milton, just south of Boston, where a group of men had formed a line so vehicles could not move forward.

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Prosecutors said the union had engaged in “a pattern of racketeering that included 20 murders, a number of shootings, bombings, beatings, and a campaign of fear.” To avoid an embarrassing trial, in 1989 the Teamsters submitted to direct federal supervision under a three-member independent-review board charged with rooting out corruption.

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