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That other male thinks he’s seeing two ladies (and no rival) and won’t realize that a budding romance is happening right in front of him. Roper thinks something funny is going on here but has decided not to get involved.

Garter Snakes Of all the animal romance rituals, the snake mating ball is certainly one of the most visually arresting, if not downright orgiastic-looking.

Nudibranches are simultaneous hermaphrodites, meaning that they have penises that they use to fertilize others as well as female sex organs.

But exactly how their sex worked remained a mystery.

From the theater of ancient Greece to talent show TV, humans have a long and storied history of dressing up as the opposite sex.

But we’re not the only animal that’s good at gender alteration.

[The Animal Sex Quiz] When the sea creatures copulated, they unfurled part of a long penis coiled up like a fire hose inside their bodies.

The creatures then simultaneously penetrated one another with their penises (which are covered in backward-pointed spines), and after tens of seconds to a few minutes of sea slug sex, separated.

They then put 31 pairs of the creatures together in an aquarium and watched as they mated.

With her outrageous getups, sexually-charged songs and blood-soaked performances, Lady Gaga has become a bona fide star at just 23 years of age.

Much has been written about her, but in an interview with Barbara Walters on Friday, Gaga said there are some big misconceptions out there. Although, asked if she is upset by such rumors, Gaga said her androgynous appeal is a big reason for her success, and doesn't exactly go out of her way to limit that.

That she has a penis is one of those misconceptions, but more on that in a moment.

What she hates most, she says, is hearing that she is artificial.

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