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While watching a drama or a movie [together], you accidentally touch hands. If a woman really considers her boyfriend [fairly], she shouldn’t meet other men. Love is abandoning what you’re doing just to see her. I really wish a true love would happen to me as well.” “Every time I was in love, I told myself, ‘I want to marry her.’ I had this in mind with every relationship. I told her of my situation and asked for her opinion.

If a man really loves her, he should say, ‘Don’t meet him. [Aside to himself] ‘I’m really agitated about this?! When I dated, I always had in mind, ‘If I live with her, what kind of ideal family would we have? She said, ‘It doesn’t matter.’ We loved each other, but we broke up anyway, because I wanted to be a tree that could shelter her from the wind and the rain. But no, I don’t—I don’t get to feel what other people get to. To gain one thing, you have to sacrifice another.” “I want to date girls, but I’m sure those who work hard will agree—if you love what you are doing, you miss out on love. If you make a mistake even once, you’ll be scolded. Someone might say, “What hardship could you possibly have? There must be something that Bill Gates finds hard, such as how to manage his company?

so please unnie keep strong even when other people badmouthing about you remember you still have fans world wide not only in korea.

we all know human makes mistakes but it doesn't mean she or he doesnt even deserve a second chance.

for drama team production with good and consistent story please remember that Yoon Eun Hye was the actress who ever makes dramas became popular and big hit.

Her hair was straight and slightly long and her hair was flowing with the wind—you know how it is in movies. I didn’t want to lose her…” “A man and a woman cannot be ‘just friends.’ The reason is a spark can go off [between them] at any time. It’s not that I’m small-minded, it’s just out of love for [my girlfriend].” “I was in a drama where I had a child and loved a woman endlessly [Sang Doo]. Specifically, if my dream and challenge had failed, it would have been very dangerous. She’s a few months older than me, but she still allows me to call her ‘older sister.’ [On the set] She always arrived 5 to 10 minutes early. Because of that, I can’t afford to be idle.” “I really worry if Dad feels alone, because Mother is not here.

Filled up with ‘fuel,’ either the man or the woman can ignite that spark. You held hands once, and starting the next day, you want to see her again. If that situation was reversed, and I ended up liking someone with a child, if there is love, then I don’t see a problem with her having a child or not having a child. The longer I stand in front of the public, the lonelier I feel.

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So, they keep things as back-ups.” “I want to show, in front of my girlfriend, the side of me that others can’t see. I like to hold hands and walk when I date.” “The gift of youth of the twenties?

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