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Jake graduated from Wharton and worked in venture capital before cofounding Stitch.

After completing fourteen home-study Army Extension Courses, he was hired as the host of General Electric Theater, a series of weekly dramas that became very popular.

Shortly after the switch, the profile page was removed.

Of course, this means the page could have been fake, but the group clearly ramping up toward a release of some kind and Albarn has been on record saying a new Gorillaz album "should be ready fairly soon." A December 11 release date wouldn't be entirely unreasonable.

Wanita MCA chief Datuk Heng Seai Kie said the safety of the members seeking a relationship should not be taken lightly, thus a statutory declaration on their single status is required to prevent the manipulation of this platform.

The dating platform has to date reported 283 success stories.

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