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You could store the invalid tokens until their initial expiry date, and compare them against incoming requests.This seems to negate the reason for going fully token based in the first place though, as you would need to touch the database for every request.The storage size would likely be lower though, as you would only need to store tokens that were between logout & expiry time (this is a gut feeling, and is definitely dependent on context).

This is not an indication of a security issue such as a virus or attack.

Functionality Requires Assessment of Design As a Whole: The Federal Circuit reiterated that design patents cover “any new, original and ornamental design for an article of manufacture . Holding that the district court applied the incorrect standard, the Federal Circuit reversed and remanded.

(“BDI”) claimed that Defendant High Point Design (“HPD”) infringed its design patent and its trade dress in a fuzzy slipper design. The Federal Circuit, in reviewing this determination, reversed and remanded, and in doing so, reiterated the appropriate standards for making such determinations. .” Therefore, the Federal Circuit explained, “a design patent can be declared invalid if the claimed design is ‘primarily functional’ rather than ‘primarily ornamental.’” In analyzing whether a design patent is invalid because it is functional, the Federal Circuit admonished that the district court incorrectly looked at whether the design’s .

It further held that the district court failed to provide reasoning as to how the primary reference created the same visual impressions and as such directed on remand that the district court do a side-by-side of the patent and the primary reference.

Finally, the Federal Circuit held that the district court failed to consider secondary considerations, which if they are present, must be considered when determining obviousness.

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