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Opět jsme navštívili italské Alpy, ale tentokrát střediska Passo Tonale a Pone di Legno, která byla spojená bezplatnou lanovkou.

Passo Tonale je lyžařské středisko ležící v horském sedle ve výšce asi 2 000 metrů nad mořem. Ponte do Legno, malá vesnička vedle Passo Tonale, nabízí ubytování v hotelech, penzionech i apartmánech. Hotel je 50 metrů od sjezdovek, u kterých se zařizují i skipasy.

The action of TOR has been described as the engine of a speeding car without brakes. In the wild, animals don’t live long enough to experience aging. Therefore, living beings need to grow as fast as possible to start reproduction before they die from external causes.

It’s why we’re tapping into a ready-made community of like-minded singles. Head to for more details on launch cities, BLUE member benefits and becoming a Founding Member for FREE (monthly subscription applies soon).

With nearly 200k accounts verified by government-issued photo id, Twitter's blue tick holders make up the largest pool of 100% real users online, anywhere. back to FAQ Back in 2014 when Loveflutter launched with a Twitter-inspired interface (140 character facts over blurred profile images) the amazing response showed a desire for a dating app that strikes the right balance of personality and looks.

Tato vesnička také skrývá mnoho sjezdovek, ale je jich podstatně méně než v Passo.

Celkem jsme mohli využít 80 kilometrů sjezdovek a 30 vleků.

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Minulý rok jsme se rozhodli, že to chce zase změnu.

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