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When you don't want to go to sleep because you're texting bae. The beginning's all about playing it cool anyway, amirite?!

It's hard to see what's best for yourself when you're invested in a relationship.

There are rules that must be followed in the beginning stages of a text-ationship—and chances are, you'll break 50 percent of them in the first few weeks. Read below for 13 texts you've definitely sent your crush.

With so many habitats and distractions, this is the perfect place to while away an afternoon.

The Africa Savannah is You probably think that horse and carriages are reserved for tourists, but they're a great way to give your date a whole new experience of the city.

Once you're not comfortable being direct with your SO, you've lost that bond on which your relationship was initially built.

No one is perfect, and the closer you become with someone, the more conspicuous his or her imperfections will become.

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