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John Legend and Chrissy Teigen are undoubtedly relationship goals personified.

They've been together for over a decade, and in that time they've allowed public honest access to both their highs and lows.

Time and time again, John and Chrissy have proved themselves the image of a strong and enduring relationship.

So, when Buzz Feed UK was offered the chance to sit down with John following his album and tour announcements, we couldn't miss the opportunity to present him with your relationship questions and receive his unfettered advice on affairs of the heart. I'll go with her to work sometimes when she's shooting the television show, I'm at home sharing with her when she's cooking, I'm helping her with whatever I can help with.

I'm constantly hearing about breakups, getting asked for advice, and critiquing profiles."You See What Works In A Bio — & What Doesn't"If you have a sense of humor, you have to show it because it leads to conversations.

Sometimes, it's fun to talk to someone who has good bullshit.

He harnessed user data collected from dating websites to analyze human behavior, which he believes tell a larger story about why relationships form.

Pillemer explained the reasoning behind such a large, in-depth study: "Rather than focus on a small number of stories, my goal was to take advantage of the 'wisdom of crowds,' collecting the love and relationship advice of a large and varied cross-section of long-married elders in a scientifically reliable and valid way." .

In the two years since, Bumble has expanded the limited definition of dating apps by delving into friend-making and soon, career networking.

Alex Williamson, 28, who is now Bumble's director of creative marketing and brand copywriter, joined the app a few months before its launch.

Or what might be an even better question: How do you find that special someone?

A team of researchers sought to find the answers through surveys and interviews.

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Cornell gerontologist Karl Pillemer headed up the study, which comprised of data from 400 Americans age 65 and older.

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  1. I'll stick my neck out, and say that Yes, it's wrong. Now when im back home, he is the person I miss the most in my life, but I understand this could not last, and I hope he will never forget or regret about me.