College professors dating their students

“I would then ask questions about his life and what he wanted to do after school, what the tattoo on his wrist meant, etc.,” she says.

“He was nice to me even though I think he knew I was flirting.

Since the question raises relevant issues in academia such as the "mentor-apprenticeship model", politics, and ethics, the question can be interpreted not as being specific to an institution, but as "is it allowable, in general and why?

" I feel it is well within the scope of an acceptable question.

For example, suppose the student has previously taken a class from the professor but has no plans for further academic contact.

They and other critics said the policy was too broad and would be difficult to enforce."This could be a legal nightmare," Montoya said.I don't see any sign that this was frowned upon from other department professors.student, so there is no present power dynamic, conflict of interest or anything like that.At first, having a secret affair might seem thrilling and romantic, but the first time you have to do something special without your professor or seem him or her with someone else, it will get really hard.SAN FRANCISCO — Spurred by a scandal that toppled UC Berkeley's law school dean last year, University of California regents on Thursday approved a policy prohibiting professors and other faculty from having romantic or sexual relationships with their students.

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Although Avery and her TA’s relationship never developed into anything physical or seriously emotional, what if it had?

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